Multiple interconnected office spaces in the centre of Leipzig represent the headquarters of the company, and from where the whole operation is coordinated.

The tour guides from “Leipzig Erleben” (Leipzig Experience) invite you for a personal sightseeing tour. Everything you need to know about Leipzig can be found on the website of the Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH


Since 2008 the company has had a branch office in Berlin. The large number of highly qualified IT professionals living in the area meant it was crucial to establish a presence in the nation’s capital.



To further expand the IT capacity a branch office was opened in Dresden in April 2010. Due to the local universities the city has many highly skilled IT professionals.


In December 2010 a branch office was opened in Chemnitz, Web designers, IT professionals and software developers make up the majority of people employed there.


Since October 2010, software developers and web designers have helped the success of the growing company from the branch office in Jena.


In May 2009 the sales offices of UNISTER Media were opened in the harbour city of Hamburg, to serve our customers in the north with more professionalism and intensity.



The city impresses with an excellent combination of science and business knowledge. Software developers and web designers make up the majority of the employees in this local branch office.